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Garment ERP

Product description

    AGS ERP system is professional of clothing enterprise resources plans (ERP) system, the system applies Yu clothing enterprise of personnel, and business, and production, and procurement, and warehouse and the financial of full process management; AGS ERP system points module component of design, all module Zhijian mutual associated and can independent into a subsystem, can meet different clothing Enterprise (clothing posted brand production enterprise, independent brand of clothing production enterprise, clothing trade company) different products form of combination application; these products form including: software products, and Hardware interfaces, implementation services, custom development (redevelopment) and other integration schemes.

HR system

Meet the clothing production characteristics of personnel, time and attendance, payroll integration solutions, both dormitory and canteen management can be generated according to a account personnel, attendance, salary b account or multiple accounts, and to respond effectively to customer or factory inspection and audit demands on human rights.

Business management

Covering sample design, making the model management and progress tracking, sample cost estimates and quotes to the customer management, order management and analysis, as well as cargo (ship), packing list and invoice management.

Manufacturing Management

Covering production, process wages, cutting room management, capacity analysis, production scheduling and schedule, workshop and production line arrangements, supporting barcode Fe and RFID shop floor data collection, shop management, follow-up outside the process, progress tracking and quality monitoring of the whole process of production, automatically remind abnormal production, optimization of production plan and make adjustments in real time.

Purchasing management

On involved procurement of content for full of supervision and management; clear of material classification method, simple clear of coding system; General material or preparation procurement Shi, can through procurement application for procurement, by orders procurement Shi according to material listing automatically generated procurement needs plans, different orders same material can merged procurement; can flexible set procurement cycle, on procurement time for warning, can through audit permission approval procurement price, and procurement number,, automatically reminded procurement exception, effective reduced procurement cost and the reduced error rate.

Warehouse management

Comprehensive control of warehouses, you can define different warehouses and positions, support for multiple unit stock and conversion rates provided the latest storage and of effective control over warehousing, warehouse to optimize management, reduce inventory costs.

FI management

Receivable payable for the overall management and meta-analysis. Automatically associate item cost, payroll costs, outsourcing costs and management fees, products, semi-finished products and finished products as well as cost accounting cost and completion costs for the month, assist in the analysis and assessment of costs.

BI Center

Powerful business data and Statistics Center, comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data model, support personnel, operations, production, procurement, warehousing and finance module of the entire business chain subtotals and cross-analysis of the data, for corporate decision makers with data sources and decision-making. provide cost analysis sheet, schedule schedule.

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