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Apparel manufacturing industry at present affected by the impact of environment and economic situation at home and abroad, domestic garment enterprises, especially enterprises in order volume, recruitment difficulties, production costs rising cases, the growing demand for information management. The domestic garment enterprises, mostly SMEs, gradually narrowing the number of large enterprises is not at the scale. In the reduction in the size of enterprises, profitability weakened, and information costs are high, resulting in many garment manufacturers to discourage information, to break the deadlock and enhance the level of industry application of information technology, cutting-edge company is launching a AGS CLOUD ERP, boosting small and medium enterprises informatization, escort for innovation of middle and small garment enterprises to upgrade.

AGS cloud ERP system advantages:

Rental, low investment:businesses do not need to input IT infrastructure costs, IT staff costs, you can enjoy the same professional products and services.

      No installation, maintenance-free: cloud computing, cloud-based storage platforms, using the Internet and central remote server technology, consumers and businesses do not need to install software and hardware, as long as there is Internet connection, will be able to use the system, maintenance-free.

      Safe and reliable: cloud computing offers the most reliable, most secure data storage Center, users no longer have to worry about data loss, viruses and other problems, the data also can implement local backups.
      Flexible application: avant-garde modular design software, covered garment enterprise-wide business process management, HR management, operations management, production management, purchasing management, warehouse management, financial management, business applications can be combined according to the actual need to select, when new needs arise, companies can at any time upgrade requirements, seamless.

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