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Order Magement

Software features:
1、The same order of different styles can be flexibly assigned to a different workshop groups
2、Monitor samples progress anytime, send、approved、modified SPL,and other comprehensive record tracking
3、Fully monitor the progress of orders, keep abreast of orders, production quantity, quantity not delivered and whether delivery.
4、Provide details, a variety of offer management. Can be calculated according to the material BOM cost, custom formulas can also be based on factory cost price is calculated in various ways. Historical quote and reference data (highest average price, minimum price, price analysis) reference price, calculate the gross profit. Each offer can be made fast, accurate quotes.
5、Solve the clothing/body color parts, accessories and colors to match up complex issues. Accessories specifications problem of different sizes.
6、Products under the same order can be divided into different shipping chedule.
7、Can handle orders, pre-orders for some customers not sure adding bulk production.
8、Providing analysis capabilities, according to complexity of the style factor analysis, and plant production capacity, estimated completion time of orders, whether to send the processing or to increase the factory's production efforts.
9、The orders for each customer situation analysis, and lists a variety of intuitive graphical comparison.

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