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Garment W/H

Special material developed for a wide variety of production-oriented enterprises, such as: clothing, footwear, luggage, electronics and hardware industries

Overview of features:

一、Material requirements planning

1, the system according to the BOM, single column and the total amount, automatically calculate each order item requirements and all orders, inventory and the number of available so that users can know every single item in the shortest time, and Red alarm the less Item, allowing users at a glance immediately purchase the item name and number respectively.

2, combine orders, item usage, and automatically calculate all order, all items in all statistical data, so that users do not need to be complex to calculate and record you can know the exact item-related data, can reduce the possibility of stock rates and timely knowledge of materials, the use of dynamic.


1, Purchase order entry basic information and detailed description, items, patterns, and print out the detailed purchase orders in various forms or lists.

2, Ready for a large number of procurement of common items, but also according to the order item requirements order the actual amount of the purchase, eliminating the number of out of order or purchase order for items not annoyance.

3, Be purchased at any time receipts for flexible queries, to track the material back to the situation in a timely manner.

4, Easy access to a variety of flexible materials out of warehouse operations, systems provide storage receipts, return orders, picking lists, store credit, provisioning, and finished product warehousing and finished products warehouse inventory of various operation modules such as warehouse receipts.

5, All of the materials out of warehouse records and systems of order, production, and production of close contact, users can inquire material use, loss of orders, orders can be combined with employee salaries and other expenses project cost analysis.

6, Automatic generation system based on the material in and out of the warehouse records-book material in and out of the warehouse ledger, users can view an item at any time during a specified period in and out of positions within date, quantity, amount, and in which order.

7, Automatically generate a variety of access warehouse report, printable list, or print within a certain time period of the statistics.

三、Counting inventory management

1, According to the practical situations in different warehouses all entry materials (including ingredients, excipients and finished products, semi-finished products, and so on) inventory records, and according to the latest access to warehouse records automatically generated factory inventory, so that users and administrators can always know the factory inventory, so as to determine the number of orders and production schedules in a timely manner.

2 Security control mode, all materials are used. Users enter the number of the minimum inventory of each item according to actual situation and the highest level of inventory, when inventory falls below or exceeds the safety numbers, automatic alarm system immediately, user storage management without worries.

3, User may at any time required for inventory data according to various criteria to filter query, or the warehouse, item category, report print, and may at any time to view or print material and inventory status, allowing users to keep track of the use of each item.

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