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Garment Work-Tickets

        Garment Work ticket system, suitable for garment factories, shoes factory production unit associated with the operation of enterprises, can greatly improve the enterprise in the production process of statistics production, production schedule, statistics of piece-rate efficiency of the staff.
        In computer entry cutting bed business single, Work ticket system will will automatically according to cutting  bed of mark frame proportion and pulled cloth layer number, generated fly votes of related content, for example business number, and workers serial number, and tied,, and pieces number, and size, and color,, and automatically generated barcode, then fast to points tied print with barcode of tickets. When cutting after cutting out pieces, tie-related tickets and pieces tied together, will be issued to the shop floor workers.
   In the process of production, workers complete the operation in a sheaf of cut pieces, cut a corresponding process of tickets. Day tickets turned in to the office, statisticians after readers quickly read tickets, they can query the computer production. After the setting process of sin, the system will automatically generate a piece-rate report.
     1, Fill in the from when making or an order directly, without having to duplicate entry. New single you only need to fill out the necessary information related to several: the style number, color, size, price, and so on.
     2, New operation setting operation, labor cost, whether the ticket count, and so on.
     3, Cutting cloth spread under management according to the production, produced by automatic bar and tickets, tickets printout.
     4, According to the process, color-by-production tracking system completion.
     5, Lost Tickets, over tickets, under tickets fast, automatic explosive flying situation.
     6, Made piece cost, workers average production workload, staff reports, production losses in multiple formats such as statistical production.
     7, Collection of ticket management number enter the employee's unit, supports bar code your ticket and hand your ticket.
     8, Piece-rate room of piece rate wage management in accordance with the production, cut sheets and public votes accounting for wages, and provide the report (such as production orders, employee schedule of piece-rate wages table, summary etc) ticket based on the employee's account number, employee's piece is automatically generated.

   9,Other wages, other payroll employees: basic salary, attendance salaries, utility bills, meals and so on, also, users are free to set up employee payroll project.

    10, Wages and salaries. Employee detail payroll payroll checks the query, the query can be found in staff day, details of work within a certain time. Wage statistics: according to the workshop, Department, employee, dates and statistics salary data.
    11, Order tracking order tracking orders, completion, and so on.
    12, Production schedule and analyze production progress management shop floor data collection to produce the production schedule, and production journal table, everyday pieces Tracker,  consumption reports. Support for graphical analysis.

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