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Inspestion System

        United States, European Union countries began imposing SA8000 and related standards of corporate social responsibility, more and more clothing, textiles, food products, footwear, electronics, toys, stationery, hardware and department stores, such as Europe, Japan, Korea, customers, asked his suppliers factory inspection audits. In a delivery to short! Lower cost! Good quality! And margins thinner!
       Domestic law, labour-intensive enterprises under the new labour law is the last straw. Pressure from home and abroad, labor dispute today, more and more, you look up factory inspection, how to deal with the new labor law? How do you ensure business interests and profit? How to deal with and avoid the risk of customers ' factory? How to ensure the sustained robust growth in export orders?
       Usually factory  inspection of the plant may experience the following problems:
1, in order to accept factory from different customers ' factory, spend a great deal of human, material and financial resources.
2, for daily, weekly and monthly working hours, working time, overtime, there are stringent restrictions.
3, minimum wage standards, minimum standard requirement for overtime, holiday pay requirements, salary requirements, wage requirements are very demanding of the downtime.
4, the demand for records.
5, the production report requirements.
6. the audit of the implementation of the human rights code, repeat and repeat the waste of resources?
7. attendance time 21.75 working hours must not exceed the statutory provisions.
8. overtime shall not exceed the required 36 hours, usually, working overtime to 1.5 times; weekends twice times statutory holiday 3 times times artificial, how to handle?
9. often face a sudden factory inspection audits, and scurry to provide broken attendance records, pay stubs.

      Many factories in response to factory inspection, especially using two sets of cards or to use manual record two attendance. This not only caused great waste of human, material and work statistics, calculation of wages and time-consuming and often pass the guests ' factory, eventually leading to the loss of orders
      Flexible realization of the system in accordance with audit, personnel, attendance of the new labor law, wage management. According to the factory and labour laws require individual attendance, salary projects. Based on piece-rate wage and attendance that corresponds to the inverse of, such as tonight and 1.5 times, week twice times 6th overtime pay, bringing the real wages to the wages of labor law. Through the touch screen or computer monitor, to workers on the factory floor query paychecks, check part number, replacing the print log-large numbers of workers, payroll, save paper, reduce office costs.

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